About Us

About Us


The School of Pure and Applied Sciences was found in July 2014 as one of the Schools of Garissa University. There was need to establish a Science School that would offer science programmes at the same time service the other Schools that offer science related courses. The School has three Departments, namely: Department of Mathematics, Department of Computer and Information Science and Department of Natural Sciences. Nine undergraduates academic programmes are offered namely; Bachelor of science (B.Sc.) in the following fields (Botany, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Zoology); Bachelor of science in Actuarial Science; Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics; Bachelor of Science in Computer Science; Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Management; Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies; Bachelor of Science in Information Science; Bachelor of Science in Informatics; Bachelor of Science in Analytical Chemistry; One Diploma course (Diploma in Information Technology); One Certificate Course (Certificate in Information Technology). All our programmes have integrated privately sponsored students programs (PSSP) with Government sponsored students programs (GSSP). In addition, the School is currently offering Master of Science Degree in Dryland Environment and Natural Resource Management. We are also   focused to launch M.Sc. Programmes in the respective courses soon.


Vision of the School

To be the premier School of excellence in pursuit of Scientific Knowledge generation, preservation, dissemination and application in Science and Technology.


The School of Pure and Applied Sciences is dedicated to providing quality teaching, learning and research for the total development of physical scientists committed to practicing professionalism and meeting the demands of local and global scientific labour requirements.

Core Values

The school of Pure and Applied Sciences upholds the following values:

  1. Creativity and Innovation
  2. Excellence 
  3. Integrity and impartiality
  4. Customer Focus 
  5. Social Responsibility 
  6. Academic Freedom
  7. Professionalism
  8. Team Spirit 
  9. Results-based management

Duration of the programmes

The Bachelor of Science programmes run for Four (4) academic years (8 semesters). Diploma programmes run for Two (2) years (4 semesters) and Certificate programmes run for six (6) months.

The School programmes consist of course work, laboratories, projects, field attachments and industrial visits.


Academic Objectives

  • Produce scientists with practical skills suitable for industry, teaching research and other socio-economic sectors.
  • Stimulate scientific curiosity and advance frontiers of knowledge in the area of Pure and Applied sciences.
  • To equip the students with ideas, concepts, and skills acquired in learning of Pure and Applied sciences to solve scientific challenges.
  • Prepare graduates to venture into scientific entrepreneurship and marketing.